Nana Endurance Training

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We hope you can find everything you need. Nana Endurance Training is focused on providing high-quality endurance training focused on combining the physical, mental, and emotional aspects required to help you achieve your endurance goals and lead to personal growth.

Endurance Races are not easy and require tremendous training and dedication. While we believe anyone can become an endurance athlete, we will only work with the individuals who can show their dedication and desire to work hard.

Personal training plans will be made available on a weekly basis, along with phone/email consultations to insure adequacy of training. On a limited basis, Andrei will travel to races to support athletes.

How it works?

Original telephone consultation to determine long term goals and compatibility with N.E.T. philosophy. No whiners, complainers, cheaters, or individuals who believe in an "easy/magical" training program! - Free Consultation up to 2 hours.

Assessment of physical, mental, and emotional level + determination of first goal(s). - Price included in training

Weekly consultations via email/text/phone/skype regarding the design/adaptation/implementation of a personalized training plan/nutrition plan - $ 200 / month payable in advance through check/money order.

Support/Travel to races - Travel expenses and fees will be determined based on the race location.

"Always achieve your goals!"

"No Excuses!"

"Failure is a choice!"

"Better to shut up, listen, and succeed than brag, fail, and find excuses!"

"You either cross the finish line or you don't - success or failure - it is very black and white"

"It is your decision here and now - own it and accept the consequences"